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Mario Mirandas and R.K.Laxmans in the making can now rub shoulders with the who’s who of cartooning in Bangalore.For,the city now houses India’s irst cartoon gallery. On Thursday,governor T.N.Chaturvedi inaugrated the Indian Cartoon Gallery –a 2,000 sq ft of gallery space off M.G.Road. Walking through the gallery exhibiting the works of three leading cartoonists – V.G.Narendra,B.G.Gujjarappa and Late B.V.Ramamurthy- the governor said,:Cartoons built opinions and values as they take a dig at the Follies of the government and leaders. It is an effective medium to educate people and create awareness”.

While every frame sums up the sarcasm,irony and humour of life situations ,the sketches are also sharp and bold, reflecting political upheavals and lesser known facades of leaders and celebrities.The tone is Exciting and dares to be ‘politically incorrect’ too.
The exhibites speak of different colours of life-hope, humour, pain ,happiness and peace. All find space here-Mahatma Gandhi’s peace message,Indira Gandhi’s political rivals and Chief Minsters to the Local flavours –H.D.DeveGowda-Kheny locking horns over the BMIC. The gallery,an initiative of the Indian Institute of Cartoonists,promises to bring together works of caricaturists like Laxman, Shankar,and Ranga.”

Ashok Kheny,honorary chairman of the institute, said,`The gallery should grow into a space that can encourage budding cartoonists across India. Two more cartoon galleries will be opened at Hubli and Gulburga’.

Narendra,managing trustee,said,`We will soon have galleries in Mumbai,Pune,Hyderabad and Delhi.There is little being done to recognise talent,reward and popularise the art.we want to institute a national award,hold cartoon contests,launch a website and train youngsters in caricatures.

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Cartoons make life tolerable  

With deftly – drawn lines and a few thoughtful words,the cartoons speak volumes on contemporary life.They have a significant impact on the collective mind and public life,observed Governor T.N.Chaturvedi while inaugurating the Indian Cartoon Gallery here on Thursday.

‘Cartoons' said the Governor,”are not mere humour statements but a medium of education and a powerful corrective weapon against corruption in governance.They create mass awareness,make moments lighter to ease the tension and expose the veiled”.

He said that humour was essential to help people laugh at themselves and to provoke thoughts.There is no malice in cartoons. Rather they spice up news and views. A few lines make statements of greate significance.this is easily perceivable looking at the cartoons exhibited at the gallery ” he said.

Chaturvedi opined that politicians should not always be blamed for all ills.The roles civic societies play should also be put under the cartoonists scanner.The focus and vision of cartoonists should be larger.Legislative Assembly Speaker Krishna said that through cartoons,the present political scenario and current affairs could be well narrated.

Cartoons play an important role in societal reformation.Many ministers who come to power are not concerned about rural development but their own political interests.These aspects are brought to light through cartoons he said.

Honorary chairman of the Board of Trustees Ashok Kheny said that this was the first institution of its kind in India,and two more would be set up at Hubli and Gulburga by the year end.Referring to Walt Disney's character Mickey Mouse, he said that cartoon characters create economic vitality and India too had a lot of calibre with animation movies like Bal Hanuman being made in the country.

“A chain of galleries will soon be set up creating platforms for budding talents. Animation movies and periodic workshops will be held” he said.

Regular workshops will be conducted and the works of cartoonists will be displayed.
2000 sq ft gallery includes library, gallery and 75 seater conference hall.
Located off M.G.Road at Midford House
Call 2559 5252 or 2555 9819
or log on to
Works of four cartoonists were displayed on digital prints.
Individual lifetime membership fee Rs. 5000/-

All cartoons displayed at the exhibition were published.

Express News Service - 16th August 2007

Exclusive gallery for cartoons  

Go ahead Musharraf, be brave, save demaoracy says George Bush in a cowboy gear to Musharraf,literally pushing him,while a news paper headline on the sidelines says, ‘Pro-Osama mob in Pakistan.This is one of the last political cartoons of late B.V.Ramamurthy,the cartoonist at Deccan Herald.This is among others that are on display at `The Indian Carrtoon Gallery’which was inaugurated in the city,on August 16

One of Ramamurthy’s Mr Citizen cartoons on display,depicts two similar looking persons,whose gender cannot be distinguished,while Mr Citizen says to Mrs Citizen,`True,scientists can tell the sex of an unborn child ! Could they,when they are grown up?’

The inaugural exhibition also has on display catoons by V.G.Narendra and cartoons and caricatures byB.G.Gujjarappa.The latter has a cartoon which depicts,who else but a cartoonist but a cartoonist,drawing the caricature of a Minister,whis has been embelished like a devil with two long teeth .The Minister’s assistant says,:Sir,I told you to include the cartoonist too in the list of State awardees. You ignored my suggestion,see now….”

A contemporary cartoon also shows a lady carrying a placard which says,‘‘Save Street Dogs”,while she is being chased by an army of dogs biting at the pallu of her saree.On display are also Gujjarappa’s caricatures of Albert Einstein,Bill Clinton,K.P.Poornachandra Tejaswi and George Bush.

Governor T.N.Chaturvedi,who inaugurated the gallery said,:There is no malice in cartoons.They amused and make the subject of the cartoon think what the cartoonist is trying to communicate.It provides some kind of catharsis to society”

The Gallery
The Indian Cartoon Gallery is an initiative of Indian Institute of Cartoon (IIC) exclusively for the exhibition of cartoons.the 2,000 sq ft gallery is open to the public,students and professionals.Along with the display space, the Gallery a fully-wired 75-seater conference hall,library and office.These facilities have been crated for talks,interactions,workshops on cartoons,seminars,lecture-demonstations and film shows.Experets from across the country will be invited to conduct these events.

The library will stock resources in the form of CDs,books on cartoons,cartooning ,collections of cartoons and information about cartoonists from across the world.One of the aims of the library will be to collect and preserve original and award winning works of leading cartoonists world wide.According to IIC Honourary Chairman Ashok Kheny,:The Bengaluru Gallery is the first of a series of cartoon galleries the IIC plans to set up similar cartoon galleries in Mumbai,Pune,Hyderabad and Delhi”

The exhibition which was inaugurated onThursday (August 16) will be on for a month.
The library is located at
No. 1,Midford House,
Midford Garden,
off M.G.Road.
Phone :2559 5252/255 59819

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They know where to draw the line  

Some of the city based cartoonists began to exhibit their works On the walls of the Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise(NICE) office in Midford Garden ,behind Kids Kemp on Mahatma Gandhi Road ,from Thursday.

A fairly big hall in the basement of the Midford House housing NICE Office has been converted into a cartoon exhibition hall under the aegis of the Indian Institute of Cartoonists.Its managing trustee ,K.V.Narendra, said worksOf different cartoonists would be on display.

He said the opening of the gallery marked a "dream come true for him" thanks to Mr . (Ashok) Kheny, the managing director, NICE Limited.

Governor T.N.Chaturvedi inaugrated the gallery in the presence of Speaker Krishna.Legislative Council Chairman B.K.Chandrashekar was conspicuous By his absence,though he was expected.

The Governor suggested separate space for different States in the Exhibition hall.

Mr. Kheny agreed it was a good idea and said it would be done at the earliest.

The Governor urged cartoonists to highlight the failures of civil society.

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